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For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, Saying to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you.’

I read this verse this morning and my first thought was “How very appropriate!” You see, just yesterday I was confiding in a friend about something we are dealing with. “Honestly at times,” I wrote, “it’s terrifying… I am afraid.” How blessed am I to have a reminder of God’s encouragement and reassurance waiting for me this morning!

“Do not fear.” These three little words, these 9 letters strung together in a sentence, speak mountains of information.  Over and over in the Scriptures, we read of God taking the time to comfort and reassure His people.

Do not fear, I am with you. I will help you. I will strengthen you. I will never leave you. .. Do not fear.

The fear I confided in my friend about yesterday has to do with the health of one of our children. Your fears are likely different. Maybe its about a family member, a friend, safety, a move, or uncertain times. Maybe the fear you are struggling with right now is something that never even crossed my mind. Whatever they are, fears can be overwhelming. They loom large in our minds and heart. They shadow everything and rob us of joy. They leave us unsettled, anxious, distracted and on edge. They can be suffocating.

When we think of the big picture, of God and in the light of eternity, what are our problems and fears but a drop in the bucket, a twinkle in time. They are insignificant to the One who has watched generations of lives lived. Who sees the problems of this world. How could my problem , how could my fear even be a blip on His radar?

But that’s not what He says. He says “Do not fear.” He says “I am with you. I will help you.” He says “Out of the billions of lives on this planet right now, you and your fears are important to Me. They are significant to you, so they are to Me as well.”  God doesn’t promise happy endings. He promises that things will work out. He promises hope, security and strength as you move through your trials and peace to sustain you come what may.

When our children were small, sometimes there would be things that would frighten them. A shadow, a noise, something new, perhaps. They would be afraid. When our daughter was going through tests and when she was hospitalized, she was afraid. What did they want, what did they need in that moment? They needed someone they trusted to be there with them. To comfort them. To lend them their strength. To give them security. Even if the problem couldn’t be immediately fixed, they needed someone to be there with them to calm their minds and their hearts. So we sit with them. We hold them and we reassure them, because we love them and because this is what parents do.

In the same way, as I’m confessing my fear, I need that same reassurance that strength and that security that my kids need from time to time. Praise God that He is not only able, but willing to look at us, His children, see our fear and offer the reassurance and comfort only He can.