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Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?

You know where a great place to go people watching is? Parking lots. You want to make it a bit more interesting? Go spend some time in a high school parking lot. (No, I’m not a creeper, I’m a parent of a high schooler, just waiting for my kid)

So I’m sitting in the parking lot and typically it’s just kids making their way to class. There’s those who sit in their cars an extra minute, checking (or applying) their makeup and fixing their hair. There’s those who emerge from their cars weighted down by numerous books and heavy bags or instruments. There’s those who come flying in at the last minute, scrambling to make it in time and those who are early and are casually sipping on their morning purchase from one of the many local coffee drive thrus. You see a myriad of relationships in that parking lot. There’s the new, or almost there, relationships where the kids walk so close but don’t actually touch. There’s the established relationships where she’s fixing his collar and he’s helping her with her bag. There’s the long time friends who are joking and kidding around even at this early hour. There’s also the siblings, who part ways as absolutely fast as they can the moment the car door slams. There’s a lot of lessons and applications to be made, I think, just from sitting and observing a parking lot.

Today though, I saw something that really caught my eye. I haven’t noticed these two before, but it was a couple of teenage boys. I don’t know the relationship or what was going on with them, but I noticed that every step the one bay was matched by the other. If one boy started to turn one direction, the other followed. When the one boy changed his mind mid stride and switched directions, without missing a beat, the other one did the same. I can’t explain it exactly, but they reminded me of a boy and a shadow.

These boys immediately reminded me of the relationship between the Lord and His people. There was a skit I saw once about a young person and Christ. Everywhere she went, Christ followed. He was there. That was great, and the person loved it until she was invited somewhere she wasn’t really comfortable having Christ along. The whole point of the skit was about how the decision to become a Christian isn’t a sometime thing, but an all the time thing.

God promised that He would not leave us. In the skit, that caused discomfort. But that should not be the case! We should not be afraid or worried about it. It should be a wonderful thought. It should be a comforting thought. I am not alone. No matter where I go, no matter what I do, no matter what situations I face, I am not alone. Not only that, my ever present companion is the Creator of all I see. He is the One Who SPOKE the universe into existence. He not only is with me, He wants to be with me. He’s my comforter, my guide, my help. He knows my needs even before I do and He supplies them. Praise God for that!

Take some time and read Ps 139. Don’t read it as one afraid of the presence of God, but as one grateful for it.